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Historic Athens Views of the city tour on electric bicycle

A relaxed ride that lasts 2,5 to 3 hours, our trendy electrical bike can take us, without effort, everywhere (well... almost everywhere). We steepen the hill of the Nymphs where…

Duration: 3 Hours    Per Person from: €45

"Sight Sea" Coastline on E-Bike

For those who want to get a break rom the busy city and enjoy more cycling this is a nice ride of almost 4 hours and about 25 kms, that will take you along the Athenian coast line. We…

Duration: 4 Hours    Per Person from: €45

"Mezedaki" tasting & cycling tour on E-Bike

Mezedes are an essential part of Greek cuisine. Sharing these delicious appetizers is a fun and sociable way to enjoy some light food rather than a heavy meal. In Greece we can eat throughout the day…

Duration: 3 Hours    Per Person from: €55

After Sunset Highlights on E-Bike

There is a special atmosphere at night time, people stroll the pedestrian roads listening to the streetmucians, the monuments look amazing and especially during the summer months the evening air…

Duration: 2 Hours    Per Person from: €45

"Urban Life and Street Art" tour on E-Bike

Athens is not only Acropolis! On this tour you will explore another side of Athens, back streets, markets,…

Duration: 3 Hours    Per Person from: €45