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Cape Sounio Poseidon Sunset Tour

The temple of Sounion sits above the beach on a mountain that juts out into the sea and was dedicated to Poseidon. In ancient times the temple was the last sign of civilization the Athenians saw as they sailed away from home and the first as they returned. The perfect spot for and ancient temple dedicated to the god of the sea, Posedon.

The temple is of Doric style and was built in the 5th Century BC, supposedly on the location of an even older temple. You are not allowed to enter the temple any longer and it is roped off but you can get close enough to appreciate it and even read the graffiti carved on the ancient columns, some of it hundreds of years old. 

After visiting the temple go down the small bay for an ouzo and a fish mezes in one of the small fish tavernas. SSit at the seaside hear the waves, watch the sun go down just sit and relax.

This is a private tour and you can send us an e-mail requesting a quotation. We can also include an e-bike ride near the temple of Sounio if you wish.